Friday, August 13, 2010

Small things

Lately, I've been wanting to make projects that are small and can be finished quickly. I think my attention span is really short and just refuses to take on a big project. It's gotten so bad that I actually find myself with an idea for, maybe a cute little potholder, start sorting through my stash and lose interest while I'm still face down in a bin of fabrics! Sad.

So as I abandon one idea, I'm trying to think of a different one that'll motivate me. I find a lot of inspiration on Flickr. Thousands of photos of quilts, both finished and in various stages of completion! The world is full of so many amazing quilters, that not only crank out beautiful quilts on regular schedule, but they're so incredibly creative and artistic!

All that talent occasionally inspires me to try something. Recently, I saw a photo of a darling quilted case for an iPad. That lit a fire under me and I made one for my Kindle.

What I love about it (besides how fast it was) is how fun it is to slip my Kindle in when I take it somewhere! I don't have to zip it into any fancy case or fit it into a special spot in a complicated bag!

I cut (24) 2-1/2" squares, sewed them together (3 across & 8 down), added batting and backing (lining) and quilted along the seams. Sewed on a button and elastic cord, then folded the lining piece (which I cut a little longer) over the top and stitched it down to look like binding. I folded the entire piece in half, right sides together and stitched (and zig-zagged to finish the seam). Turned it right side out and it was done.

      (For customers who have HappyStacks from recent SassyPacks purchases, here's another idea!)

Now my mind is working overtime trying to come up with more simple things like this that I can make. Things that a couple of years ago I would've spent way too much money for. The recession has sure made us take a hard look at our spending habits!

I'm also looking for projects that will use up some of my stash. I'll post things here as I go and I'll also post links to other blogs with fun stuff that I think SassyPacks' customers would like. Check here often to see what we're making and if you come across something to share, post it as a comment or send us an email and we'll get it posted for you.

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