Friday, December 17, 2010

Last Minute Gift Idea


Supplies needed:

Simple (preferably symmetrical) drawing, e.g., tree,
      snowflake, ornament,
      snowman, wreath, etc.
Two contrasting fabrics
Fabric for backing and binding
Steam-a-seam lite for applique
Thermal batting
General sewing supplies

I'm going to make the tree, so I'll be referring to the "tree" and green and white fabric in this tutorial - you may be using a snowflake or something else and other colors.

Because we're going to cut apart and put two halves back together, we have to insert a seam allowance in the center of our drawing. So start by cutting your drawing in half and adding a strip of paper to the back. Tape the drawing pieces to the added strip, measuring to add a generous 1/2 inch. This is where the opposite pieces will be joined later.

Trace two trees onto the Steam-A-Seam paper (refer to package directions if you need more info on using this product).

Loosely cut around the tree. Remove the first side of the paper and lay the drawing on the wrong side of one of the white fabric. Do the same for the green fabric. Iron on according to package directions.

Cut a square of green and a square of white fabric big enough to allow the applique to fit with a little room for binding around the outside. In my case, I'll be using 9-1/2 inch squares.

Cut the trees out carefully and iron the green one onto the right side of the white fabric and the white one onto the right side of the green fabric.

Stitch around the tree edge with a blanket stitch or a tight zigzag.

Now cut each in half and place an opposite of each together. Using a scant 1/4 inch seam, stitch them back together.

Cut backing and batting pieces a little larger than the appliqued pieces.

Layer, backing, thermal batting, batting and top.

Pin and quilt through all layers. I only stitched around the outside of the applique to quilt mine. (The more heavily a potholder is quilted, the more holes you punch in it and the less heat-resistant it becomes).

Trim and bind!!

As soon as you make one, your mind will be racing with more ideas - even a simple Santa or a candle stick would work. Have fun and don't forget to send us pictures!!

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