Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Baby Gift Set

Look at all the baby stuff you can make with just 2 fat quarters and a half yard of double-sided terry cloth!

The internet is full of great tutorials on making baby items. So we realize we're not showing you something you haven't already seen. And we certainly think these items are adorable, but the primary purpose here is showing you how to get the most for your money. How can you beat 9 - yes nine! - items for such a small amount?

(It's probably a good idea to have a few of these made up and tucked away for the next big announcement!)

So, gather the following supplies (or order a kit or two here):
2 fat quarters
1/2 yard of high quality, double-sided terry cloth
2" X 44" strip of fusible fleece
2 suspender clips
1-1/2 " velcro (3 velcro dots would work, but aren't quite as strong)

Download the patterns and layout sheet from and cut out the pieces accordingly. It's tight in spots, but there really is room for everything!

   From one FQ, cut:
      (1) 2-1/2" X 21" strip
      (1) 7" X 21" strip
             -subcut into (3) 7" X 7" squares
      (1) burp cloth

  From the other FQ, cut:
      (1) burp cloth
      (1) bib
      (1) 7" X 7" wash cloth
      (1) 2-1/2" X 10" strip

Cut the fusible fleece into 2 strips the same length as each of the pacifier strap pieces. Centering the fleece, press to the wrong side of the strip, following manufacturer's directions.

Fold and press the 1/4" seam allowance in on each side over the fleece. Then fold in half and crease down the center.

Fold, matching edges carefully and topstitch close to the edge down the length of each side. Zig-zag the ends with a narrow stitch.

Insert one end through slot of a suspender clip and fold back to the strap. Stitch down with narrow zig-zag.

At the other end, add velcro pieces so a loop can be formed. Be sure both ends fold to the same side. I like to allow several inches for the loop, so the recipient can use it for either toys or fat-handled pacifiers.

Finish both the long and short strap the same way.

The remaining items are all done in a similar manner. Use the piece that you've cut out from fabric as a pattern. Place fabric pattern, wrong side down on the terry-cloth; pin and cut out.

It's all ready to sew! Stitch all the way around, leaving an opening a few inches on a straight edge to turn.

Trim and/or clip curves. Then turn right side out and press. Topstitch all the way around, closing up the opening.

Add velcro to the ends of the bib (one on the fabric side and one on the terry side).

Finish the washcloths and burpcloths the same way. And this little set is all done!!

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