Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Two More Sampler Blocks

I just finished the Log Cabin and Wonky Barn Fence blocks from SewBitterSweetDesigns' Christmas Sampler. I really want to use all the fabrics from our fun and contemporary Santa's Chocolate Shoppe line,** so I decided it was time to start bringing in some of the blue.

I might have avoided the blue fabric in this line if I hadn't been down this road before. I once made a sampler from a kids fabric line called Jungle Jungle. It was mostly yellows, greens and oranges. But it also had a little bit of light blue in the border print and 1 coordinating fabric that was light blue with white dots. I tried to use all the fabrics in the blocks of my small sampler, but as they were coming together I thought the blue looked out of place. So I re-made the blocks without the blue. And of course, when I started to lay the blocks out they looked dull and kind of flat. I added the blue ones back and ended up loving how it turned out. Hmmm - apparently those fabric designers really do know what they're doing!! ;)

Here's a picture of that quilt - you can see it wouldn't be the same without the blue.

Speaking of Jungle Jungle, see the yellow banana pinwheels in the lower right block? Look what I made with some scraps of that - I had to piece it in a couple of places, but you really wouldn't notice unless you were loooking for it! (I only made the jumper - I bought the turtleneck onesie.) This is for my darling little granddaughter who will be a year old next month!

I wish you could see it in person! It's soooo tiny!! Of course, all of you who have little kids around are used to these tiny sizes. But it's been a long time since we've had a little one in our family.  It's only 7 inches across from armpit to armpit and 12-1/2 inches from the neckline to the hem! She's going to look so cute in this I can hardly stand it!!  :)

**If you would like to purchase Santa's Chocolate Shoppe (or any of our fabrics) in quantities or bundles of less than a yard, please email us. We're happy to cut whatever you need - our web provider just doesn't support fractions.


  1. I love how your blocks are turning out! It is so much fun to see them with updated fabrics :)

  2. Hi~Sew Bittersweet sent me by to say hello, and I've had fun paging back through your posts. I would spend way less time online if I didn't feel the need to read everything ever said on the fun blogs I discover!

  3. I came over here from Sew Bittersweet to say hi!