Friday, July 15, 2011

Binding 60 degree corners

I've always had problems binding around a 60 degree corner, like on this hexagon pot holder. (These corners are on a lot of table runners, too.) Yesterday, I decided to figure out what I was doing wrong! This is how I got my corners from this:

to this:


On this pot holder, I'm adding a hanging loop at the top so I'll start at the corner. Line the raw edges up and begin stitching. If your machine has a needle down position, use that here.

As you approach the next corner, mark the pivot spot with a pin. When quilting this, I stitched out to each point. This makes it easy to identify where to pivot. Otherwise, I would draw chalk lines in 1/4" from each raw edge and mark where they intersect.

At the pivot point, leave the needle down and lift the presser foot. Turn the pot holder so the next side's raw edge is lined up straight and ready to go.

Bring the needle up and pull the pot holder toward you.

Fold the binding straight back, focusing on two things: 1) the raw edges should be even and should form one straight line going away from you; 2) the fold of the binding should lay right along the stitching line on the pot holder.

Then fold the binding back toward you. When you fold the binding back down on itself, this is where you make the big difference! Notice how far the fold is from the upper raw edge. This is how you want it to be (in the photo above).

This photo (above) shows the wrong way - notice the fold is way up near the upper side's raw edge. That's what causes that little "mountain peak" on the corners.

So keep the fold down near the point where the previous side's stitching ended. Place the pot holder back under the needle and then continue sewing to the next corner!

I would love to hear how this works for you!!



  1. If this works, Wow! My 60 degree corners have always looked horrible.



  2. Wow! Thank you! I have a table topper that will need to be bound after I figure out how I'll quilt it. This will help tremendously since I already have bindaphobia! :-)

  3. It really does work, Carol! Please let us know how yours turns out. :)

  4. Ok Brandy - get that table topper out and get it finished!!

  5. This is the way I do all my bindings. It makes perfect corners no matter the degree. Good job!

  6. I found your blog on google while searching a tutorial that would explain how to make a binding for a 60 degree corner, I'm glad I found it because I'm making a centerpiece with 60 degree corners and I didn't know how to do this binding until now, thanks so much!!!!, when I upload my project on my blog, I'll leave a link to your tutorial. Thanks so much!!
    I leave the link to my blog, so if you have interest you can visit me.
    New follower here.
    Marisa from

    1. Thanks Marisa! I just popped over to your blog to see your fabulous table topper. You did such a good job on it - and those fabrics are beautiful! :)