Friday, July 8, 2011

Mug Rug Inspiration

I love these little mugs rugs - I could have dozens for summer! Our patio table has a sort of faux rock top on it and when I set a glass down, it feels rough. These are so much more convenient than a big place mat and unlike a napkin, they don't blow away when I pick my glass up!

These fun and easy mug rugs were inspired by the fabulous Mod Mosaic Floor Pillow designed by super-talented Elizabeth Hartman ("Oh, Fransson!" in the blog world). We made ours approximately 7-1/2" X 9-1/2", but of course you can make yours any size you like!

For how-to details, click here to go to Elizabeth's tutorial:

And follow our blog for lots more Mug Rug inspiration this summer!


  1. Cute!! What a great idea! I love mug rugs too, what a great size right? I love yours.

  2. Absolutely!! Big enough for a drink and a snack, but small enough to whip them out quickly! And great for trying out ideas or practicing a new quilting pattern.