Thursday, January 1, 2015

New blog

This blog has been inactive since we closed our online store about a year and a half ago. I now find myself staring at an enormous stash of fabric that I'd really like to use up. My plan is to make a lot of quilts - mostly to donate. I'm passionate about giving to dialysis centers and children's charities. Please pop over to and check it out. I've appreciated every comment I have received on this blog and would love to get your continued feedback on my new scrappy quilting adventures!

Monday, July 29, 2013

On Sale Now!

We have a very limited supply of this fantastic bundle on sale right now. It includes 10 one-half yard cuts of Kona Cottons plus Cherri House's fabulous City Quilts book, all for $42!

Click here to go to our website.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

October Scrappy Project

I love making pot holders from scraps. It doesn't take much fabric and they make such wonderful gifts. We're coming into that time of year when we're always thinking, "what should I get for a hostess gift or co-worker, neighbor, hair stylist, teacher, dog groomer :) ", the list goes on and on!

Here's a fun way to make a great set of matching pot holders. For this tutorial, I'm using a super basic sketch of a pear, but I also like to make these by tracing around a cute cookie cutter. Then I can give them as a gift with the matching cookie cutter.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Back with a vengance....and a great tutorial!

Hello SassyFans!

I am so thrilled to be back and blogging here on our SassyBlog - it has been a long hiatus! In fact, I imagine most of you don't even know me. I am the other half of the SassyPacks team - the daughter, the beginning quilter, the one who spends nearly all her time in our quilt studio saying "that seems too hard."  :)

I haven't been blogging here for the past year or so as I have been on sort of a personal journey - and a literal one, I suppose! I recently had the privilege of spending about 8 months living in Nicaragua, helping to open a clinic for women and children. While I got to take a little quilting with me, I just didn't have much time to blog here, so I am thrilled to be back in the US, where I can quilt and design and blog at will.

When I left for Nicaragua (if you want to see what I was up to, check out Clinica Verde), I basically ditched my old life - sold nearly everything and made a clean break.  Now that I am back, I am resettling into a more familiar life, and once again setting up a living space.  When I was pitching the remnants of my old life, the first - and I do mean FIRST - things to go were the cluttery things....knick-knacks, decorative items, candles, dust collectors, all of them.  Turns out, now that I am back, I am left with a home full of functional furniture and zero personality.  Thus springs the inspiration for today's tutorial - using your beautiful fabrics as wall hangings.

Friday, October 19, 2012

New Iron

My iron died a few days ago; it just stopped heating up. Of course, you can't quilt without an iron. So off I went to look for the perfect new iron. My idea of the perfect iron is probably really different than most quilters.

I'm on the hunt for cheap! Don't get me wrong, I'm certainly impressed with a $200 Rowenta - but I know myself! I know I won't empty the "tap" (eek!) water when I turn it off. I know I won't buy distilled water for it. I won't wipe it down or shine it up, either!